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Find The Best Replacement Lipo Battery for Arrma

Arrma vehicles have certain requirements and considerations when it comes to selecting LiPo batteries. Based on the model you own, click on the Type of Traxxas model below to find the best lipo battery.

Here are some requirements and guidelines related to LiPo battery selection for Arrma vehicles:

  1. Battery Voltage: First and foremost, ensure that the chosen LiPo battery meets the voltage requirements of your Arrma vehicle. Arrma vehicles typically support 2S (7.4V), 3S (11.1V), 4S (14.8V), or higher battery packs.
  2. Capacity and Discharge Rate: Choose the appropriate capacity and discharge rate based on your needs. Capacity (mAh) determines the battery’s runtime, while the discharge rate (C-rating) indicates the maximum current the battery can provide. Select a battery with sufficient capacity and an adequate discharge rate to meet your requirements and ensure good performance.
  3. Size and Weight: Check the physical dimensions and weight of the LiPo battery to ensure it fits within your Arrma vehicle’s battery compartment. An oversized or excessively heavy battery may not fit or may affect the vehicle’s balance and performance.
  4. Brand and Quality: Select reputable and reliable LiPo battery brands to ensure performance and durability. As mentioned earlier, some recommended brands include Gens Ace, HRB Power, Turnigy, and Venom, among others. Purchase genuine and guaranteed batteries to avoid low-quality or counterfeit products.
  5. Charging and Safety: Follow proper LiPo battery charging procedures and safety guidelines. Use a charger compatible with the battery and adhere to the manufacturer’s charging instructions. Additionally, store and handle LiPo batteries properly to ensure safe usage and mitigate potential safety risks.
  6. Manufacturer Recommendations: Consult the official Arrma website, user manuals, or manufacturer’s guidance for LiPo battery recommendations and guidelines. They may provide specific battery specifications and recommendations to ensure optimal performance and compatibility.

Please note that when selecting LiPo batteries suitable for your Arrma vehicle, it is best to follow the manufacturer’s advice and guidelines. This will ensure that the chosen battery meets the vehicle’s specifications and provides the best performance and reliability.