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Best Replacement Battery for ARRMA FELONY 6S: Boost Your Performance

As a performance-driven all-road RC car, the ARRMA FELONY 6S demands a battery that can deliver both high discharge rates and voltage, which can be crucial to achieving its top speed of 80 mph and beyond. That’s why it’s essential to choose a battery that not only meets these requirements but also offers the best value for your money.

In this article, we will be recommending three batteries that stand out in terms of affordability, reliability, and positive user feedback. Our aim is to provide you with options that can maximize the performance of your FELONY 6S without breaking the bank. Read on to discover our top picks and why we think they could be the perfect match for your RC car.

1. OVONIC 3s 50C 7600mAh

OVONIC battery

Voltage: 11.1 Volts
Cell: 3S
Capacity: 7600mAh
Discharge Rate: 50C
Charging plug: JST-XHR-4P
Discharging plug: EC5
Pack: Hard case

The OVONIC 3S 50C 7600mAh battery offers several advantages for your ARRMA FELONY 6S. Firstly, the OVONIC brand has a solid reputation for providing authentic discharge rates and capacities, ensuring you receive exactly what you pay for. This is in contrast to some brands on the market that may exaggerate these specifications.

The 7600mAh capacity promises extended run times, allowing for longer, uninterrupted driving sessions. A 50C discharge rate ensures a steady and powerful energy supply to let your FELONY 6S perform at its peak.

Lastly, OVONIC is well-known for its excellent customer service. So, should any issues arise, you can have peace of mind knowing that they will promptly and effectively address your concerns. For these reasons, the OVONIC 3S 50C 7600mAh replacement battery is a top choice for powering your ARRMA FELONY 6S.

2. SOCOKIN 3S 7600mAh 120C

SOCOKIN battery

Voltage: 11.1 Volts
Capacity: 7600mAh
Discharge Rate: 120C
Connector: EC5
Size: 138mm x 47mm x 38mm
Weight: 471g

The standout feature of this battery is the impressive 120C discharge rate. This high rate ensures that your FELONY can easily reach speeds of 80mph and above. With this kind of power, your vehicle will exhibit impressive acceleration and maintain top speeds, providing an exciting driving experience.

Besides, the SOCOKIN replacement battery’s price point is an attractive feature, particularly for hobbyists operating on a budget. So if you’re looking for a balance between cost, performance, and runtime, this SOCOKIN battery could be the perfect match for your ARRMA FELONY 6S.

3. CNHL 3S 6600mAh 120C

CNHL battery

Brand: CNHL
Voltage: 11.1 Volts
Capacity: 6600mAh
Discharge Rate: 120C
Connector: EC5
Size: 37mm x 48mm x 138mm
Weight: 466g

First, the replacement battery has a high capacity of 6600mAh. The battery has been tested to exceed expectations in terms of duration, which is a major advantage for any RC enthusiast.

In addition, the CNHL battery shines with its excellent 120C discharge rate. This ensures that your FELONY 6S can easily reach and maintain high speeds, greatly enhancing your driving experience.

Finally, CNHL is known for producing reliable batteries, and this model is no exception. Users have consistently praised its consistent performance and durability, making it a worthy power companion for your ARRMA FELONY 6S.