Best Replacement Battery for Arrma SENTON 6S BLX

As an experienced RC enthusiast, I know the importance of a quality battery, especially when it comes to power-hungry beasts like the Arrma SENTON 6S BLX. It’s a truly remarkable truck that demands an equally remarkable battery to harness its power. Whether you’re bashing in the backyard or crushing it on the track, the right battery makes a world of difference.

Here, we’ll explore the best batteries for the SENTON 6S BLX, focusing on power, performance, and most importantly, value for your hard-earned money. Buckle up, it’s going to be a high-voltage ride!


Battery Type: Lithium Polymer (LiPo)
Voltage: 22.2V
Capacity: 6500mAh
Discharge: 100C
Discharging Plug: EC5
Pack: Soft case
Dimensions: 146 x 45 x 55 mm (LWH)
Weight: 820g

The Battery is an impressive performer when it comes to delivering sustained power to your Arrma Senton 6S BLX. The 6500mAh capacity provides extended run time, letting you enjoy more driving and less charging. The 100C discharge rate is also on par with more expensive options, delivering fast, consistent power.

Another impressive feature of this replacement battery is its heat dissipation capability. OVONIC has managed to create a battery that maintains a cooler temperature even during high-discharge situations. This is great for the overall lifespan of the battery and the safety of your RC vehicle.

In summary, the OVONIC Battery offers great value for its price. It’s a well-rounded option for hobbyists who demand a combination of power, capacity, and good heat management.

Zeee 6S Lipo

ZEEE battery

Brand: Zeee
Battery Type: Lithium Polymer (LiPo)
Voltage: 22.2V
Configuration: 6S1P
Capacity: 6000mAh
Discharge: 100C
Connector: EC5 Plug
Dimensions: 155.5 x 48.5 x 51.5 mm
Weight: 833g

The Zeee brand is renowned for its consistent and reliable performance, and this model is no exception.

With a capacity of 6000mAh, this replacement battery delivers a satisfactory run time, allowing you to enjoy lengthy driving sessions. Additionally, the 100C discharge rate ensures your Arrma Senton gets the power it needs for optimal performance. The battery’s EC5 connector is reliable and robust, providing a secure connection for the power flow.

In conclusion, the Zeee 22.2V 100C 6000mAh 6S Lipo Battery is a solid choice for the Arrma Senton 6S BLX. It provides a great balance of power, run time, and cost, making it a popular choice amongst many RC hobbyists, myself included.

Socokin 6S Lipo

Socokin Battery

Brand: Socokin
Battery Type: Lithium Polymer (LiPo)
Voltage: 22.2V
Configuration: 6S1P
Capacity: 5200mAh
Discharge: 120C
Connector: EC5 Plug
Dimensions: 151 x 44 x 49 mm (LWH)
Weight: 703.8g

One notable feature of this replacement battery is its 120C discharge rate, which is higher than many other options on the market. This high discharge rate translates to a powerful and consistent energy supply that can help your Arrma Senton unleash its full potential, making it ideal for more aggressive driving styles.

For those seeking high performance without breaking the bank, the Socokin 6S Lipo Battery 22.2V 120C 5200mAh is an excellent choice. It offers high discharge rates and good value, making it a solid option for Arrma Senton 6S BLX users.

Spektrum Smart Official LiPo Battery

Spektrum battery

Brand: Spektrum
Voltage: 22.2V
Capacity: 5000mAh
Discharge: 100C
Connector: IC5 (EC5 Compatible)
Dimensions: 182.9 x 71.1 x 63.5 mm (LWH)
Weight: 357g

The Spektrum Smart RC LiPo Battery Pack is a top-tier choice for powering your Arrma Senton 6S BLX. The standout feature of this battery is the Smart Technology. This not only simplifies charging and maintenance but also contributes significantly to the overall safety of the battery. This is especially useful for beginners who may not yet have a full grasp of the correct LiPo handling and charging procedures.

The biggest downside for many hobbyists is likely the cost. Spektrum is a premium brand, and its prices reflect that. Yet, if you’re willing to invest in a battery that provides safety, ease of use, and powerful performance, the Spektrum Smart RC LiPo Battery Pack could very well be worth the higher price tag.