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Best Replacement Battery for Arrma 1/18 Granite GROM GEMA

Discover the best battery for Granite GROM GEMA, tailor-made to power your 1/18 scale RC truck. Maximize your ARRMA’s potential with the perfect energy solution, ensuring unstoppable performance every time.

Tips: The size of the battery tray is 100x 30x 20mm (LxWxH). This vehicle uses the IC2 Connector. Therefore, if you want to use batteries from other brands, you’ll need an adapter or you’ll have to switch the connector to an EC2 connector. IC2 is compatible with EC2.

Gens Ace 1800mAh 2S 45C

Gens Ace battery

Brand: Gens ace
Voltage: 7.4 Volts
Capacity: 1800mAh
Discharge Rate: 45C
Connector: Deans Plug
Dimensions: 90 x 30 x 18mm
Weight: 100g

This Gens Ace 1800mAh 2S 45C battery genuinely left a lasting impression on me! When comparing it to the stock 1400mAh 2S hardcase battery, this unit delivers both higher capacity and a more robust discharge rate. What does this mean for your RC car experience? Simply put: longer run times and a noticeably quicker acceleration.

Additionally, being a softcase lipo battery, it boasts significant reductions in both weight and dimensions. This unique design allows it to achieve that desirable combination of high capacity and discharge rate without the bulk. Concerns about durability and lifespan? Well, with Gens Ace, one of the big names in the RC world, you’re guaranteed quality.

So, what’s the real advantage of your RC car?

Given the ARRMA GRANITE™ GROM 4X4 Monster Truck’s already impressive features and design, a battery like this further capitalizes on its potential. The lightweight nature of the Gens Ace 1800mAh can contribute to a nimbler handling experience and even slightly enhanced top-end speeds. Moreover, the increased run time means more bashing and less waiting – making those after-school RC sessions or lunch breaks even more exhilarating. Not to mention, with a higher discharge rate, you can expect more punch off the line and during demanding maneuvers.

In summary, if you’re looking to elevate the ARRMA GRANITE™ GROM 4X4 Monster Truck’s performance, this Gens Ace battery should be on your radar. It’s not just about adding power; it’s about complementing the truck’s inherent capabilities with a battery that can genuinely keep up.

OVONIC 2s 50C 1500mAh

OVONIC battery

Voltage: 7.4 Volts
Capacity: 1500mAh
Discharge Rate: 50C
Connector: Deans-T
Dimensions: 90 x 30 x 14mm
Weight: 90g

Upon testing the OVONIC 2s 50C 1500mAh, it’s evident that this battery offers a balanced approach between capacity and discharge rate. By ensuring ample run time and delivering an impressive discharge rate, this battery seems tailor-made for enhancing driving dynamics. And here’s the kicker: it boasts a fantastic value proposition, priced at about two-thirds the cost of the stock battery. This means more budget flexibility for you to invest in other performance upgrades.

In terms of durability, with 200 to 300 cycles under its belt, you’re getting reliability that’s hard to find at this price point.

So, how does this battery benefit the ARRMA GRANITE™ GROM 4X4 Monster Truck?

Firstly, let’s touch on the weight. At a mere 90g, the lightweight nature of the OVONIC battery can lead to sharper handling and potentially faster response times during quick maneuvers. With a 50C discharge rate, this battery ensures that the truck will be more responsive off the line and will maintain its vigor during demanding stunts or when navigating challenging terrains.

The battery’s dimensions (90 x 30 x 14mm) make it a snug fit, ensuring minimal movement during aggressive driving, which is vital for maintaining the truck’s balance and handling characteristics. Furthermore, the increased run time and power boost ensure that the ARRMA GRANITE™ GROM 4X4 Monster Truck operates at its peak longer, ensuring thrilling RC bashing sessions.

In conclusion, the OVONIC 2s 50C 1500mAh doesn’t just power the truck; it truly optimizes it. Given its price point, durability, and the performance enhancements it brings to the table, it’s a worthy addition to your RC gear. If you’re seeking an upgrade that melds value and performance, this battery deserves your attention.