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TBS Tango 2 vs Pro: What’s the Difference?

tbs tango 2 vs tango 2 pro

Let’s dive into a comparison of the Team Blacksheep TBS Tango 2 and TBS Tango 2 Pro, focusing on what differentiates these two popular remote controls.

The Key Difference: Foldable Gimbal Sticks

The most significant difference between the two models is the foldable gimbal sticks on the Pro version. This feature might seem minor, but it greatly enhances portability. For those who are frequently on the move, the Pro’s foldable gimbal sticks make it much easier to carry without the risk of damage. Especially if you often pack your gear in a backpack, the foldable gimbal sticks are a solid choice to prevent wear and tear. Personally, I find this foldable mechanism more convenient than the unscrew method used in some DJI controllers, which sometimes leads to losing the gimbals.

Is the Tango 2 Pro Worth the Extra $40?

So, is it worth shelling out an additional $40 for the Tango 2 Pro? If you travel often or need the added convenience and protection for the gimbal sticks, then absolutely. The foldable design is a thoughtful addition. However, if your flying is primarily done from home or local sites, and portability isn’t a major concern, the standard Tango 2 should suffice. Your decision should hinge on how much you value the foldable feature and whether it fits into your regular usage pattern.

Can My Tango 2 Be Upgraded with Foldable Gimbals?

Yes, it’s possible to upgrade your Tango 2 with foldable gimbals. However, buying the folding gimbals separately can be more expensive, and you’ll need to install them yourself. If you’re not too handy with such modifications and desire the foldable gimbal feature, opting for the TBS Tango 2 Pro is advisable.

What About Other Aspects?

In other respects, the two models are virtually identical. Both are equipped with full-size hall sensor gimbals known for their accuracy. They feature ball bearings for smooth operation, and you can adjust the resistance and tension to suit your preferences. Adjustable throttle and pitch throw, extra springs for lower tension, comfortable rubber grips, streamlined switches – both models have all these features.

Additionally, both come with the built-in TBS Crossfire system for low latency, support up to 12 channels, include a 5000mAh battery, and feature a black and white OLED screen. The operating system is open-source, giving you the freedom to make adjustments as needed.

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