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Traxxas Maxx Slash vs Arrma Mojave 6S

Traxxas Maxx Slash vs Arrma Mojave 6S

In the world of high-speed RC action, the recent launch of the Traxxas 1/7 Maxx Slash is seen as a direct challenge to the well-established Arrma 1/7 Mojave 6S. Both of these titans offer incredible performance, but they cater to slightly different aspects of RC driving excitement. With the Maxx Slash entering the arena, enthusiasts are eager to see how it compares to the beloved Mojave 6S. Each has its strengths, and understanding these can help you make an informed decision on which model might be the best addition to your RC collection.

Detailed basic comparison

FeatureTraxxxas Maxx SlashArrma Mojave 6S
Top Speed70+ mph60+ mph
MotorVelineon® 2000 kV BrushlessFIRMA™ 4074 2050Kv Brushless Motor
ESCVelineon® VXL-6sSpektrum™ Firma™ 150A Smart ESC
SizeL: 26.52″ / W: 14.30″ / H: 9.64″L: 28.15″ / W: 13.98″ / H: 10.59″
Weight11.78 lbs (without battery)11.88 lbs
TrackFront/Rear: 14.30″Front/Rear: 13.98″
Tire and WheelDual-profile SCT wheelsdBoots FORTRESS, 1/7 SC, 17mm Hex
Overall Drive Ratio11.38:1Final Drive Ratio: 13.44
Front Track363 mm355mm
Rear Track363 mm355mm
Car TypeShort Course TruckShort Course Truck
Wheel Drive4WD4WD
Servo2090 Waterproof (285 oz-in torque)Spektrum™ S652 Digital Servo
DifferentialSealed, hardened steel bevel, limited slip3-gear Differential
ChassisHex-reinforced nylon composite0.12″ (3mm) 6061-T6 aluminum
Traxxas Maxx Slash vs Arrma Mojave 6S

Speed and Stability

When it comes to speed and stability between the Traxxas Maxx Slash and the Arrma Mojave 6S, the Maxx Slash have a slight edge. With a top speed of over 70 mph, it outpaces the Mojave 6S, which tops out at 60+ mph. This higher speed is supported by the Maxx Slash’s long-travel suspension, designed to handle bumps and maintain control at high speeds, much like a Baja truck. The adjustable suspension droop also allows for customization to tackle different terrains effectively.

The Maxx Slash’s use of belted tires is another point in its favor for stability. These tires limit high-speed tire expansion, ensuring a larger, flatter contact patch. This design provides significant control and precision, which is crucial for maintaining stability at the top end of its speed range.

Moreover, the Maxx Slash has a lower ground clearance at 39mm, which is 27mm lower than the Maxx, reducing the center of gravity and enhancing stability at high speeds. The wider front and rear tracks compared to the Mojave 6S also contribute to its superior stability, providing a more planted feel during high-speed maneuvers.


When it comes to durability, the Arrma Mojave seems to take the lead, especially straight out of the box. The Mojave is kitted out with a bunch of durable alloy accessories like an anodized aluminum chassis and heavy-duty suspension arms with red-anodized aluminum strengthening caps. These features are designed to take a beating, making the Mojave a tough contender on rough terrains.

On the other hand, the Maxx Slash, while robust in its own right, might fall a bit short when directly compared to the Mojave’s out-of-the-box durability. However, Traxxas does offer a range of optional, more durable, and higher-grade accessories that can be purchased separately to beef up the Maxx Slash. This means that, while you can upgrade the Maxx Slash to match or even surpass the Mojave’s durability, it might cost you a bit more in the long run.

So, if we’re talking straight out of the box, the Arrma Mojave edges out the Maxx Slash in terms of durability. But if you’re willing to invest in upgrades, the Maxx Slash can be tailored to meet or exceed the Mojave’s toughness. Just keep in mind, the initial investment for the Maxx Slash is already a bit higher than the Mojave 6S, and upgrading for durability will add to that cost.

Special Features

When it comes to special features, both the Maxx Slash and the Arrma Mojave bring some cool tech to the table, each offering unique advantages.

The Maxx Slash boasts the TQi Radio System, which is pretty awesome because it offers superior range and control, along with a 30-model memory. This is great for folks who have multiple RC cars and want to use the same transmitter for all of them. Even cooler, you can add the Traxxas Link Wireless Module to get real-time telemetry on your smartphone, which feels like having a high-tech command center in your hands. Plus, there’s the Traxxas Stability Management (TSM) which is like having an invisible hand that keeps Maxx Slash stable at high speeds and during aggressive maneuvers, making it easier to control the beast under the hood.

On the flip side, the Arrma Mojave steps up with Spektrum® SMART Technology. This includes smart batteries and chargers that not only charge up Mojave run faster and safer but also give you a ton of data about your battery’s health, which can help extend its life. The smart ESC brings all-in-one telemetry, allowing you to monitor your car’s performance on the fly, and with the Smart ESC Programming Box and SmartLink USB, you can update and program your ESC with the latest tweaks, keeping your ride at peak performance.

Conclusion: Which is Better?

Choosing between the Traxxas Maxx Slash and the Arrma Mojave 6S ultimately depends on what you value most in an RC car. If you’re looking for top speed and advanced control features, coupled with the ability to upgrade for enhanced durability, the Maxx Slash might be the best fit for you. Its TQi Radio System and Traxxas Stability Management (TSM) make it an excellent choice for those who crave high-speed stability and precision control, especially with the option to monitor performance via telemetry.

On the other hand, if durability straight out of the box and advanced battery technology are more your speed, the Arrma Mojave 6S could be the winner. Its rugged build and Spektrum® SMART Technology cater to those who prioritize longevity and efficient power management, along with the convenience of detailed telemetry for keeping the vehicle’s performance in check.

Both vehicles offer a great mix of speed, control, and durability, with their unique features catering to different preferences. Consider what aspects of RC car performance and technology excite you the most, and choose the one that aligns with your interests and needs. Whether it’s the high-speed thrills and tech-savvy features of the Maxx Slash or the rugged durability and smart tech of the Mojave, you’re bound to have a blast with either choice.

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