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FMS FMT24 vs Arrma Grom: Which is Better?

In the world of RC monster trucks, the FMS FMT24 and ARRMA Grom stand out as formidable contenders, each with its unique strengths and appeal. This comparison delves into their features, performance, and design to help enthusiasts make an informed choice between sophistication and durability, customization, and ease of use. Join us as we navigate the nuances that set these two apart in a thrilling head-to-head battle.

ParameterFMS FMT24Arrma Grom
TypeMonster TruckMonster Truck
Top Speed21+mph20+ mph
Power System2S Lipo2S Lipo
Drive System4WD4WD
Dimensions (LxWxH)239mm x 161mm x 108mm250mm x 200mm x 118mm
Motor370 brushed motor380 28T Brushed
FMS FMT24 vs Arrma Grom

The FMT24 might be a bit smaller in size, but it doesn’t skimp on construction quality, driving performance, or speed. The Grom has a larger battery compartment, capable of handling lipo batteries over 1400mAh, while the FMT24 has a pretty limited battery space, coming with a stock battery of only 900mAh. Also, price-wise, the FMT24 RTR is slightly more expensive than the Grom RTR. In addition to these in the table, there are more detailed comparisons, so if you’re interested, keep reading below.

Detailed Basic Comparisons

Car Body and Looks

In terms of car body and looks, the FMS FMT24 offers a customizable experience with its Chevrolet-authorized design, quick-release structure for easy modification, and a three-color painting scheme that enhances visual appeal and personalization. The ARRMA GROM, on the other hand, brings an aggressive monster truck aesthetic with a factory-finished body, durable coloring, and a simple, clip-free body attachment system suitable for all ages.

If you’re into customizing and enjoy a sophisticated look, the FMT24 might edge out. But for ease and rugged style, especially for younger users or those preferring convenience, the GROM’s user-friendly design could be more appealing.


When it comes to servos, both the FMS FMT24 and the ARRMA GROM are rocking metal gears, which is great for durability and precision. The FMT24’s servo promises enhanced control and refined handling, likely giving you a smoother and more responsive driving experience, which is key for racing and skill carving. On the flip side, the ARRMA GROM’s Spektrum SX110 servo isn’t just tough, it’s also waterproof, making it a beast in all weather. So if you’re likely to get down and dirty with some off-road action in the wet, the GROM’s got your back. Tough call, but it comes down to where and how you’ll be driving.


Alright, for the chassis showdown, the FMS FMT24’s got a chassis crafted from high-strength nylon in a single mold, which is not only tough but also flexible, giving your ride that extra agility and a bit of an eco-edge since nylon can be recycled. On the other side, the ARRMA GROM’s chassis is a sturdy composite that’s all about quick and easy maintenance with its clip-free body attachment. If you’re all about sustainability and driving dynamics, FMT24 might just be your jam. But for hassle-free use and a focus on durability, especially if you’ve got kids or just hate fiddling with tiny parts, the GROM’s simplicity could be a real winner.

Wheels and Tires

For wheels and tires, the FMS FMT24 is all about that grip life—those hollow, large-size tires are made for gripping the earth like a boss, great for when you’re taking on tough terrains or speeding around. They’re all about enhancing off-road capability and passability. Now, the ARRMA GROM isn’t playing either; it comes with dBoots® FORTRESS™ tires that are not just tough—they’re designed to look the part and handle pretty much any kind of land you throw at ’em.

Gears and Drivetrain

In the gears and drivetrain face-off, the FMS FMT24 is tricked out with planetary gear differentials and universal joint driveshafts. This tech-speak translates to a ride that’s smooth and agile when cornering, smartly distributing the power to reduce tire wear and up the handling game. It’s all about precision and making sure you’ve got control when you’re off-roading.

Switching gears to the ARRMA GROM, we’ve got a 4-wheel drive transmission with metal gears that are tough as nails, hooked up to a MEGA 380 brushed motor. This means the GROM is built to handle the rough stuff, powering through all kinds of terrain with a drivetrain that’s sealed tight for reliable action wherever you go.

So if your game is finesse and control on those tricky turns off-road, the FMT24’s advanced differential might just be your ticket. But if you’re all about raw, worry-free bashing and need a drivetrain that’s as rugged as your adventures, the GROM’s solid build has got your back.

Conclusion: Which is Better?

In conclusion, if your priority is customization, detailed aesthetics, and performance handling, the FMS FMT24 is likely the better choice. However, if you’re looking for a durable, easy-to-maintain monster truck that’s ready to tackle any terrain right out of the box, especially in wet conditions, the ARRMA Grom would be a more suitable option. Consider your priorities in terms of aesthetics, performance, durability, and ease of use to make the best choice for your RC hobby needs.

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