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Arrma Big Rock 3s vs. 6S: In-depth Comparison

Arrma big rock 3s vs 6s

In the world of RC monster trucks, both the Big Rock 6S and the Big Rock 3S by ARRMA® stand out, each catering to different preferences and terrains. Dive deep into the intricate specifications of the Big Rock 3S and Big Rock 6S. Explore their differences, strengths, and performance metrics side by side.

Which is Better?

The Big Rock 6S is powered by a formidable 4074-2050Kv brushless motor paired with a 150A Smart ESC, drawing energy from a 6s LiPo battery. This beastly combination allows the truck to reach impressive speeds of up to 65+ mph, living up to its monstrous reputation.

On the other hand, the Big Rock 3S, while less powerful, is still impressive in its right. Equipped with a 3660 3200KV motor, a BLX100 2S/3S waterproof ESC, and powered by a 3s LiPo battery, it can achieve speeds upwards of 50+ mph. However, it’s the 3S Big Rock’s smaller size and lighter weight that gives it an edge in terms of agility and maneuverability, making it an ideal choice for those who prioritize nimbleness over sheer power.

To put it succinctly, the Big Rock 6S can be seen as a super-sized version of the Big Rock 3S. It’s better suited for vast open terrains where its raw power can be truly unleashed. Meanwhile, the Big Rock 3S, with its agility, might be more suitable for tighter spaces or tracks that require quick turns and responsiveness. Ultimately, your choice between the two should align with your preferred driving environment and what you value more – raw power or agility. Either way, both models promise a thrilling RC driving experience.

Detailed Base Comparison

ParameterBig Rock 3SBig Rock 6S
TypeMonster TruckMonster Truck
Top Speed50+ mph65+ mph
Size514 x 356 x 201mm (LxWxH)625 x 465 x 255mm (LxWxH)
Weight6.25kg6.5kg without Battery
Motor3660 3200KV4074-2050Kv
ESCBLX100 2S/3S waterproofSpektrum Firma 150A Smart V2
Power System3S6S
ServoADS-7M S651Spektrum S665 steel gear
Big Rock 3s vs. 6S

Scale & Size

The Big Rock 3S comes in a 1/10 scale, translating to dimensions of 514 x 356 x 201mm (LxWxH). On the other hand, the Big Rock 6S is a tad larger with a 1/7 scale, measuring 625 x 465 x 255mm. This difference in scale and size will affect the area the trucks can cover and how they navigate different terrains.

Top Speed Potential

When it comes to speed, the Big Rock 6S has a clear edge. It boasts a top speed of over 65+ mph, a significant increase from the Big Rock 3S’s top speed of 50+ mph. This speed enhancement is primarily due to the more powerful motor and efficient power system in the 6S variant.

Weight Considerations

The weight of the Big Rock 3S is 6.25kg. The Big Rock 6S is slightly heavier, weighing 6.5kg without its battery. This slight increase in weight for the 6S might be attributed to its larger size and additional components, but it’s worth noting that the 6S’s weight excludes the battery, suggesting it could be substantially heavier when fully equipped.

Motor Specifications

The motor is the heart of any RC vehicle. The Big Rock 3S is powered by a 3660 3200KV motor. In contrast, the Big Rock 6S houses a 4074-2050Kv motor, which offers higher KV values indicating faster rotations and hence greater top speed.


ESC plays a pivotal role in determining how efficiently an RC car can convert its power to speed. The Big Rock 3S uses a BLX100 2S/3S waterproof ESC, which is suitable for its specifications. In comparison, the Big Rock 6S is equipped with the Spektrum Firma 150A Smart V2 ESC, designed to handle higher power systems and offer better overall performance.

Power Systems

The Big Rock 3S operates on a 3S power system, while the Big Rock 6S doubles that with a 6S system. The increased power system in the 6S model allows for better acceleration, higher top speeds, and overall enhanced performance.

Servo Mechanism

Servos aid in the vehicle’s steering and movement precision. The Big Rock 3S uses the ADS-7M S651 servo, while the Big Rock 6S steps it up with the Spektrum S665 steel gear servo, which offers improved durability and precision due to its steel gear mechanism.

In conclusion, the Big Rock 6S is a more advanced and powerful version when compared to the Big Rock 3S. From its size and speed to its motor and power systems, the 6S model offers enhancements in almost every category. Choosing between the two boils down to individual preferences regarding size, speed, and power.

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