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1/18 Arrma Granite vs Losi Mini LMT

arrma granite vs mini lmt

In the realm of RC monster trucks, enthusiasts often encounter the challenge of choosing the ideal model that balances cost with capabilities. Today, we pit two formidable contenders against each other: the sturdy and affordable 1/18 GRANITE GROM MEGA against the premium and feature-laden 1/18 Mini LMT. This comparison will guide you through their unique attributes, from the resilience of the GRANITE GROM to the professional-grade enhancements of the Mini LMT, helping you decide which monster truck reigns supreme for your specific needs and aspirations in the world of RC bashing and racing.

Detailed Base Comparisons

Shocks and Chassis

The shocks on the Mini LMT are more advanced with customization features such as threaded adjustments and optional tuning, which may appeal to more experienced RC enthusiasts who like to tweak their vehicles for optimal performance. The chassis of the Mini LMT also suggests a focus on durability and performance, with its high-grade aluminum construction compared to the composite material of the GRANITE GROM, which may prioritize lightweight design over ruggedness.

Car Body and Looks

The GRANITE GROM offers a user-friendly and customizable experience with a simple yet durable design and a focus on ease of use when it comes to body attachment.
The Mini LMT, on the other hand, caters to monster truck enthusiasts and collectors who value authenticity and detail, with its licensed designs and functional LED lights.

In essence, while the GRANITE GROM prioritizes a practical and versatile design that’s easy to manage, the Mini LMT appeals to fans of the Monster Jam series with its authentic, licensed bodies and additional realistic features like LED lights.

Wheels and Tires

The GRANITE GROM MEGA’s wheels and tires are engineered for multi-terrain adaptability and longevity, with a focus on maintaining performance through various environmental conditions.

The Mini LMT’s wheels and tires emphasize authenticity and professional-grade performance, with a specific design to prevent rollovers, which may be particularly beneficial in high-speed turns and freestyle stunts.

The GRANITE GROM’s tires offer utility and easy maintenance with their vented design, while the Mini LMT’s tires provide a competitive edge with their licensed, competition-proven design.

Both sets offer unique advantages: the GRANITE GROM MEGA for the all-around RC enthusiast looking for durability and versatility, and the Mini LMT for fans of Monster Jam seeking an authentic, competition-like experience.


The GRANITE GROM MEGA’s gear system is built for toughness, with a focus on the longevity of the transmission and steering components.
The Mini LMT’s gear system is designed not only for durability but also for performance, with its metal differentials providing improved handling characteristics for more technical driving.

Both vehicles are designed with an emphasis on durability, but the Mini LMT also focuses on the nuanced performance benefits of having differentials that support varied wheel speeds, which can be particularly advantageous during racing or stunt performance.

In conclusion, while both RC cars have robust gear systems designed for the rigors of RC monster truck activities, the Mini LMT’s metal differentials give it an edge in handling and performance, which appeal to those who are more interested in precision driving and complex maneuvers.


Beyond the features previously discussed, the Losi Mini LMT offers additional advantages that enhance its appeal, especially for those who enjoy the maintenance and upgrade aspects of RC vehicles: Metal Driveline Yokes, Aluminum Links, and Two-Position Wheelie Bar. These additional features make the Mini LMT a more advanced option, justifying its higher price point and catering to hobbyists who value performance, durability, and the ability to perform and practice stunts like wheelies.

Conclusion: Which is Better?

Choosing between the GRANITE GROM MEGA and the Mini LMT depends on what aspects of RC car ownership you value most.

If you’re looking for a more budget-friendly option that still offers durability and the fun of RC bashing with a good range of upgrade options, the cost-effective GRANITE GROM MEGA is the best choice for you. It’s built to be tough, user-friendly, and versatile for a variety of conditions.

On the other hand, if you’re an enthusiast willing to invest more for advanced features, professional-level performance, and higher detail in customization and upgrades, then the Mini LMT may be the better choice despite its higher. With its officially licensed bodies, superior handling characteristics due to metal differentials, and additional features like metal driveline yokes, aluminum links, and a two-position wheelie bar, it’s designed for those who take their RC hobby seriously and appreciate a closer connection to the Monster Jam experience.

In summary, if cost-effectiveness and solid all-around performance are your priorities, go for the GRANITE GROM MEGA. If you seek top-tier features, realism, and the capability to perform and practice advanced stunts, the Mini LMT is the superior option. Make your choice based on the balance of price, performance, and personal interest in the hobby.

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