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Find the Best Replacement Battery for Axial

To find the best lipo battery for your Axial vehicle, simply click on the appropriate type below. It will guide you to the ideal lipo battery option tailored for your specific Axial vehicle.

Axial’s requirements for LiPo batteries are as follows:

  1. Battery Voltage: Axial model vehicles are typically designed to use 7.4 volts (2S) or 11.1 volts (3S) LiPo batteries. These voltage levels are common and provide adequate power and performance.
  2. Capacity and Discharge Rate: Axial usually specifies the minimum capacity and discharge rate suitable for their model vehicles. Capacity is measured in milliampere-hours (mAh) and represents the amount of charge the battery can deliver in one hour. The discharge rate is measured in “C” and indicates the rate at which the battery can be discharged relative to its capacity. Axial recommends using LiPo batteries with sufficient capacity and discharge rate to meet the demands of the model vehicle.
  3. Battery Size: Axial model vehicles typically have specific battery compartment dimensions, so the size of the LiPo battery must be compatible with the vehicle’s battery compartment. This includes the length, width, and height of the battery.
  4. Overcharge and Over-discharge Protection: LiPo batteries come with certain safety risks, as they can be damaged or even cause fires if overcharged or over-discharged. Therefore, Axial suggests using LiPo batteries with built-in overcharge and over-discharge protection. These protective features help ensure that the battery is charged and discharged within safe limits.
  5. Connector Type: Axial model vehicles typically use specific types of connectors to connect the battery to the motor. The most common connector types are Deans connectors or XT60 connectors. Ensure that the LiPo battery you use has a connector type compatible with the vehicle’s connector, for proper power connection.

Please note that specific requirements may vary depending on the Axial model. It is recommended to refer to the Axial official website or vehicle manual for precise requirements and recommendations before purchasing LiPo batteries. Additionally, always follow the safety operating guidelines when using LiPo batteries and ensure compliance with appropriate charging and discharging practices to prevent potential hazards.