Best Battery for Kyosho ULTIMA RB7SS

Our aim is to make this process simpler and more straightforward. As we journey through this guide, we’ll consider the unique requirements of the ULTIMA RB7SS, factoring in its high-speed, lightweight construction, and the demand for peak performance in every race.

1. Gens ace 2S LiPo

Gensace battery

Voltage: 7.4 Volts
Capacity: 5000mAh
Configuration: 2S1P
Discharge Rate: 50C
Plug Type: Deans T Plug
Dimensions: 138mm x 47mm x 25mm
Weight: 304g
Customer Service: Available 24 hours
Price: $49.99

When it comes to performance, the battery’s stable 50C discharge rate is a winner. It provides consistent power output, allowing your ULTIMA RB7SS to perform at its best, showcasing its speed and agility, without experiencing power lags.

And let’s not forget about the brand reputation – Gens Ace is known for quality and reliability in the RC community. This battery lives up to its reputation, offering high performance while ensuring safety and longevity.

In conclusion, if you’re seeking a durable, high-capacity, and reliable power source for your Kyosho ULTIMA RB7SS, this Gens ace 7.4V 5000mAh Lipo battery is a fantastic choice. It’s an investment in your RC racing performance and enjoyment.

2. OVONIC 2s Lipo

Ovonic battery

Voltage: 7.4 Volts
Cell: 2S
Capacity: 5200mAh
Discharge Rate: 50C
Discharging Plug: Dean-Style T Connector
Dimensions (±3mm): 1374624mm
Weight (±5g): 245g or 0.54lb
Price: $32.99

The great reviews and high sales volume are a testament to its quality and reliability. Users consistently report positive experiences, making it a trusted choice for RC enthusiasts. It’s clear this battery has earned its stripes in the RC community.

And the best part? It’s from a Chinese brand, offering excellent value for money. OVONIC is well-known for producing quality batteries that deliver performance comparable to pricier counterparts. Plus, at a very reasonable price of $32.99, it’s an affordable option that doesn’t compromise on performance.

So, if you’re looking for a durable, reliable, and cost-effective battery for your Kyosho ULTIMA RB7SS, the OVONIC 5200mAh 7.4V LiPo battery should be on your radar.

3. Team Associated 2S Lipo

Brand: Team Associated
Battery Cell Composition: Lithium Polymer
Unit Count: 1
Voltage: 7.4 Volts
Reusability: Rechargeable
Capacity: 4000mAh
Discharge Rate: 35C
Price: $45.86

The Team Associated 752 WolfPack LiPo battery brings an exceptional blend of quality, durability, and performance that’s well-suited for the Kyosho ULTIMA RB7SS. Being an established player in the competitive RC battery market for years, Team Associated guarantees top-tier quality, and this battery is no exception.

The durability of this battery is a standout. It’s built to withstand rigorous usage, which is precisely what racing buggies like the RB7SS require. Let’s not forget, it’s rechargeable, so you’ll get countless hours of fun with this battery.

At $45.86, it may not be the cheapest, but given its race-tested quality and impressive performance, this battery represents great value for the serious RC enthusiast. In the long run, investing in a Team Associated WolfPack battery could save you from frequent replacements and disappointing performances. This battery brings not just power, but reliability to the table. And in competitive RC racing, that’s what really counts.

4. Venom 7.2V NiMH

Venom battery

Brand: Venom Power
Battery Type: Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH)
Battery Capacity: 4200mAh
Plug Type: XT60 Plugs, Traxxas, Deans Plug & EC3 Plug
Recommended Uses: RC devices
Includes: 1 battery
Price: $38.18

This little gem, priced at just $38.18, is a real steal when it comes to powering your Kyosho ULTIMA RB7SS. Sure, it’s not the cream of the crop as it’s a NiMH battery, but boy does it pack a punch for the price.

First off, you can’t beat the affordability. If you’re new to the world of RC racing and aren’t ready to drop big bucks on high-end lithium batteries, this is your go-to. It’s not only economical but also gives you decent power output that’s great for getting to grips with your ULTIMA RB7SS.

So there you have it – a cost-effective, reliable, and decent-performing battery. Great for beginners and budget-conscious RC enthusiasts alike. So, strap in your Venom Power battery and let your ULTIMA RB7SS rip!