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Best Battery for NewBeeDrone FPV Quadcopters

The NewBeeDrone brand has launched some impressive TinyWhoop and Cinewhoop FPV quadcopters, which require batteries not only with a high C-rate but also ones that provide more flight time within the very limited space of the frame, meaning a higher battery capacity. Therefore, there are several excellent lipo battery brands on the market that have introduced small lipo batteries for these FPV quadcopters. In terms of overall evaluation, TATTU and GNB are top-tier brands.

Consequently, I will recommend batteries from these two brands based on the battery requirements of these FPV quadcopters to enhance your flying performance, saving you time and preventing detours.

Currently, NewBeedrone has released a total of these following FPV drones:

  • AcroBee65
  • VRDrone
  • SavageBee
  • AcroBee75
  • Invisi360
  • Whirligig V2
  • CinemAh

The following will recommend the best battery for each of these FPV drones.

GNB 1S 300mAh 60c 3.8V HV PH2.0 for AcroBee65 and VRDrone

GNB battery

Voltage: 3.8 Volts
Capacity: 300mAh
Discharge Rate: 60C
Connector: PH2.0
Size: 51mm x 11.5mm x 6.5mm
Weight: 7.0g

This GAONENG battery has proven itself with stable continuous power and has no signs of swelling. After several months of use, I’ve encountered no issues. The battery’s specifications, including a 300mAh capacity and a 60C discharge rate, perfectly complement the AcroBee65 and VRDrone. These drones are designed for agility and speed, and the GNB battery enhances these features remarkably. The quick stops and rapid propeller movements are noticeably smoother and more responsive, making the flying experience exhilarating.

GNB 1S 660mAh 90C 3.8V HV GNB27 for SavageBee

GNB battery

Voltage: 3.8 Volts
Capacity: 660mAh
Discharge Rate: 90C
Connector: GNB27
Size: 58mm x 18mm x 7.8mm
Weight: 16.0g

With a higher capacity of 660mAh and an impressive 90C discharge rate, this high-voltage battery makes the SavageBee’s four motors whirl with an intense fervor. It delivers ample power for all your flying needs, from casual hovering to more aggressive maneuvers. I’ve found its lifespan commendable, with the potential to last a year or longer with proper care. The SavageBee, known for its robust performance and durability, is significantly enhanced by this battery, providing a more intense and longer-lasting flight experience. With both these batteries, the respective FPV quadcopters achieve new heights of performance and reliability, making them a top choice for enthusiasts seeking the ultimate flying experience.

Tattu 2S 450mAh 75C 7.4V XT30 Plug for AcroBee75

TATTU battery

Brand: TATTU
Voltage: 7.4 Volts
Capacity: 450mAh
Discharge Rate: 75C
Connector: XT30
Size: 61mm x 16mm x 15mm
Weight: 37g

The Tattu brand is synonymous with quality and performance, and this battery is no exception. With its 7.4 volts of power and 450mAh capacity, it provides the AcroBee75 with a significant boost in flight time and control. The 75C discharge rate translates into powerful thrust and exceptional throttle response. Pilots can expect over 4 minutes of intense freestyle action and over 5 minutes of cruising, which is a substantial improvement. The AcroBee75, known for its agility and speed, benefits greatly from this battery, offering smoother controls and longer air time, enhancing the overall flying experience.

Tattu 3S 750mAh 95C 11.1V XT30 Plug for Invisi360

TATTU battery

Brand: TATTU
Voltage: 11.1 Volts
Capacity: 750mAh
Discharge Rate: 95C
Connector: XT30
Size: 58mm x 30mm x 21mm
Weight: 65g

This battery’s 11.1 volts and 750mAh capacity, combined with an impressive 95C discharge rate, provide an unparalleled power source for the drone. It charges well and delivers a stable and robust power supply throughout the flight. In the realm of similar specifications, it stands out as one of the best on the market, offering reliable quality and performance. The Invisi360, designed for immersive flying and capturing stunning aerial footage, is significantly enhanced by this Tattu battery. The higher discharge rate ensures that the motors receive a consistent and powerful energy supply, leading to improved stability and longer flight times. With Tattu’s reputation for reliability, pilots can fly with confidence, knowing their sessions will be both exhilarating and secure.

Tattu 4S 850mAh 95C 14.8V XT30 Plug for Whirligig V2

TATTU battery

Brand: TATTU
Voltage: 14.8 Volts
Capacity: 850mAh
Discharge Rate: 95C
Connector: XT30
Size: 61mm x 31mm x 31.5mm
Weight: 104g

This battery is a powerhouse, offering a significant voltage of 14.8V and a capacity of 850mAh, making it ideal for intense, aggressive stunt flying. The 95C discharge rate means that it can deliver strong and consistent power, providing the Whirligig V2 with nearly 6 minutes of high-adrenaline flight. Even in the colder conditions of winter outdoor flying, the battery performs exceptionally well. It offers more punch for easy hovering and handling maneuvers, enhancing the Whirligig’s performance with more responsive and dynamic flying capabilities. This Tattu battery, with its substantial power and reliability, transforms the Whirligig into a more formidable and enjoyable drone, capable of executing intricate aerial stunts with ease and precision.

Tattu 4S 1300mAh 120C 14.8V XT60 Plug for CinemAh

TATTU battery

Brand: TATTU
Voltage: 14.8 Volts
Capacity: 1300mAh
Discharge Rate: 120C
Connector: XT60
Size: 77mm x 38.5mm x 27mm
Weight: 150g

The performance metrics of this battery align closely with what’s advertised, offering 14.8 volts of power and a substantial 1300mAh capacity. Its 120C discharge rate is one of the highest available, ensuring that the CinemAh receives a steady, robust power supply throughout its flights. My continuous testing has shown that these batteries are reliable, with none exhibiting any issues. Beyond performance, Tattu’s attention to detail is commendable, with well-made balance and discharge plugs, and high-quality discharge wires that remain cool even under heavy discharge. This battery enhances the CinemAh’s capabilities, providing longer flight times and more stable, powerful performance. It’s particularly beneficial for high-power applications, where consistent, reliable power is critical. In essence, this Tattu battery not only meets the demanding needs of the CinemAh but also elevates its performance, ensuring an unparalleled flying experience.